Tachograph Management

Tachograph Compliance Management

The Tachograph Compliance Management service is a valuable service for businesses looking to ensure compliance with drivers’ hours and working time directive regulations.

How we help manage your operator license?

Our Tachograph Compliance Management Service provides a comprehensive solution that focuses on the real issue. Our dedicated team of professionals ensure that all tachograph regulations are followed, and that accurate records are maintained. By implementing an effective process, we are able to prevent penalties, reduce costs, and increase productivity for our clients.

Data Analysis and Non-Compliance Identification

The first step in our tachograph compliance management service is to conduct a thorough analysis of tachograph data on Operator tachograph analysis software. This enables us to identify any potential areas of non-compliance, such as missed or late tachograph readings, excessive working hours, and
non-compliance with working time directive regulations. By carefully examining the data, we can identify any discrepancies or inconsistencies that may pose risks to your business.

Non-compliance Resolution

Once non-compliance issues are identified, our dedicated team actively engages with drivers to understand the root cause of the problem. We communicate directly with drivers to address any concerns or questions they may have, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities and legal obligations. By fostering open communication channels, we can work together to resolve non-compliance issues promptly and effectively.

Infringement Management

In case of non-compliance that cannot be resolved through driver interaction alone, our team will issue infringements and take appropriate actions. According to the severity and nature of the non-compliance, warnings may be given, or disciplinary procedures may be recommended. We work closely with your operator to ensure compliance and maintain a fair and balanced approach to disciplinary actions.

Vehicle Compliance Investigations

In addition to managing non-compliance issues related to drivers’ hours, we also investigate any non-compliance with vehicle regulations, such as unexplained mileage or unauthorised vehicle use. Our team of experts conducts thorough investigations to identify any deviations or unusual behaviour. This ensures that your vehicles are operated and maintained in compliance with legal requirements.

Comprehensive Reports

Our comprehensive reports enable our clients to identify trends and patterns in the behaviour of their drivers. By using this information, we can take proactive measures to ensure driver compliance. This helps our clients improve tachograph compliance, road safety, and avoid any fines resulting from violations. Additionally, it provides our clients with early warning of potential issues, allowing them to address them before they cause major problems.

Drivers Training

To enhance overall compliance and prevent future issues, we offer drivers training specifically focused on drivers’ hours and working time directive regulations. Our training sessions are designed to educate drivers on their responsibilities and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to comply with legal requirements. With our ongoing training programs, we aim to enable your drivers to remain compliant and help increase the level of compliance for your company.

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