Tachograph Analysis

Tachograph Analysis Solution

An Operator’s Licence requires compliance with a number of mandatory regulations, including ensuring that the rules for drivers’ hours and tachographs are observed, that proper records are kept and stored, so that they are readily available when requested.


How can ClockWatcher Elite improve compliance?

With ClockWatcher Elite, customers can track the performance of their drivers and gain insight into the safety of their vehicles. As well as ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations, it ensures that all drivers comply with regulations.

EU and Domestic rules

Our solution is designed to comply with both EU driving and domestic UK rules, providing operators with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to ensure compliance. The platform is designed to allow operators to monitor driver compliance and manually enter data regarding driver absences, e.g. sick days or holidays. Operators can also access detailed reports and analytics, enabling them to make informed decisions about driver safety and compliance.

Web-based platform

One of the key advantages of our web-based platform is its accessibility from any device. Operators no longer need to be confined to a specific location or hardware. With an internet connection, they can access real-time data, analyse information, and monitor compliance levels. This flexibility enables operators to respond efficiently to changing circumstances and optimise their operations.

Centralised Efficiency

In order to facilitate efficient working practices, information displayed in the driver hub is kept in one place. All aspects of operator information can be accessed, including download history, driver licence and driver card expiry date, infringements, CPC training records, . A comprehensive driver calendar also provides live notifications, infringements, and shift records

Scheduled Reports

Automated reports are designed to send a wide number of different reports to operators and other responsible staff involved in transportation operations. By automating the reporting process, organizations can save time and resources while monitoring compliance-related activities.

Driver debrief tool

The driver debrief tool is designed specifically to monitor the performance of drivers over a period of time and to record a full audit trail of each and every infringement and the action taken.

In-depth "driving with no card" data

Our solution offers operators in-depth access to ‘driving with no card’ data, making it effortless for them to demonstrate compliance with this requirement. By providing this level of detail, our solution facilitates the efficient monitoring and tracking of vehicles without drivers’ cards or manual data entry. This simplifies the process of compliance with regulations, saving operators time and effort.

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