Compliance Support

Continuous Compliance Support

The Continuous Compliance Audit service is an essential part of the compliance process for small, medium, and large companies.

How we help manage your compliance?

The service will provide complete onsite support to each of your operating centre on a monthly, three-monthly, or six-monthly basis in order to ensure that all aspects of the operation are being inspected and evaluated.

Driver Files Compliance

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date driver files is crucial for any organisation to ensure workforce safety and compliance. We will ensure that all the drivers’ compliance requirements are met within the required timeframe, for example, driver licence checks, health checks, induction training, etc. We will regularly review drivers’ files to ensure they are up to date, and any necessary changes are made promptly. We will also ensure that any drivers with an expired licence or qualifications are not allowed to drive. Finally, we will conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with our policies.

Vehicle Files Compliance

Our dedicated team will conduct a thorough check to confirm that all the required documents are in place, adhering to legal standards and regulations. This includes verifying operator licence, permits, insurance, and other relevant documents related to your fleet. We will also provide advice on how to improve your existing documents and ensure that all compliance requirements are fulfilled. The safety protocols and procedures for your fleet will also be reviewed in order to ensure that all drivers are as safe as possible.

Drivers Hours Compliance

To ensure drivers operate within legal regulations, we regularly monitor and maintain their driver data. This process involves tracking their hours, such as maximum driving time and rest breaks. By closely monitoring this information, we can identify any potential violations and take immediate action. In cases where drivers are found to be non-compliant with regulations, we implement policies and procedures to safeguard operator safety. This may include disciplinary actions, such as warnings or temporary suspensions, or even termination in severe cases.

Maintenance Standard Inspection

The fleet maintenance will be checked to ensure that the vehicles are properly maintained and comply with the requirements outlined in the operator licence. All vehicle and trailer documentation will be examined to ensure they meet the requirements of the operator’s licence and are safe to operate. Maintenance will also be inspected to ensure it is up to date and all necessary safety checks have been completed.

Random Yard Check Point

This process involves inspecting their vehicles, including their tyres, lights, and brakes, as well as verifying that all their documents, including their daily check records, DQPC cards, and driving licence, are in order. Aside from that, it is also necessary to ensure that drivers are complying with the drivers’ hour regulations, this includes monitoring their working hours, breaks, and rest periods. In addition, we will verify that drivers are following the regulations regarding load security.

Driver Assessment (Road Test)

During the assessment, our trained examiners will carefully monitor the driver’s actions, behaviours, and decisions on the road. They will pay close attention to areas such as vehicle control, situational awareness, and adherence to traffic rules. Additionally, they will evaluate the driver’s ability to multitask, handle unexpected situations, and make safe decisions. The examiners will also assess the driver’s communication skills, reaction time, and decision-making ability.

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