Asset Maintenance

Asset Maintenance

Improve fleet and asset management, maintenance, inspection, and driver operations by managing, communicating, connecting, and reporting.


Benefits of Asset Maintenance

Here are some key features and benefits of an Asset Maintenance solution:

A comprehensive view

View your linked information for defects checks as well as tachograph data to see the true picture of vehicle availability, ensuring that road safety is constantly taken into consideration.

Detailed information

It is important for operators to have a maintenance system that is designed for their fleet. Using the system, you can capture assets, events, and data that is customised to meet your needs. By customising the data, all information is relevant and complete, providing detailed information.

Maintaining sustainability

Asset Maintenance reduces the amount of paperwork and printing required by traditional paper-based methods. A comprehensive digital record can be created by introducing data through multiple methods, such as converting paper records to digital ones.


Using the user-friendly interface, templates and schedules can be customised for any asset type within any specialised industry, for multi-location or lone-worker operations, thereby increasing fleet visibility and auditability.

Optional data

Through the convenient customer workshop portal, maintenance providers can directly upload data into Asset Maintenance, delivering a complete digital storage solution.

Keeping track of parts

With the software, you can monitor the true cost of your fleet maintenance and control your purchasing accordingly. The software is equipped with a full parts costing system.

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